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The Everett Mountaineers Ski Committee supports an extensive backcountry skiing program. We offer several ski courses, as well as ski trips for a wide range of skiing abilities. Of our courses, the Nordic (Cross Country) Ski Course has proven the most popular over the years. It is designed for the beginning cross country skier and is also attractive to downhill skiers who want to try something new and get away from the crowds. Avalanche awareness and avoidance training may be taken independently or in conjunction with the other courses. The Everett Mountaineers offers an AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Course that focuses on decision making in avalanche terrain and includes terrain selection, travel techniques, companion rescue and more. Finally, we offer a Backcountry Ski Course for intermediate level or better skiers who want to learn techniques for safe backcountry ski exploration of the Cascades. In the Mountaineers tradition, all of our courses are taught by volunteer instructors and are therefore quite reasonably priced.

Graduates of our courses are entitled to sign up for trips conducted by all branches of the club. They are also invited back for workshops to hone their skills, to assist with course instruction, and to qualify as trip leaders.

Examples of previous trips are given in the Archive.

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