Sea Kayaking

Paddling about, by Yana Radenska

What is sea kayaking?

Sea kayaking focuses on paddling in open water like lakes and oceans, as opposed to whitewater kayaking which involves paddling on rivers. If visiting some of the most dynamic places on the planet, bird watching or slipping onto a lake after work with new friends interests you, then the Everett Mountaineers Sea Kayaking Basics Course is for you.


Baker Lake group, by Daniel Hale

No prior sea kayaking knowledge or experience is required to take our course. The Sea Kayaking Basics course is offered once each year by the Everett Mountaineers. All instruction is offered in single sea kayaks. Most of the instruction in this course is based on the principles developed by the American Canoe Association, and an increasing number of our instructors are certified by that nationally acclaimed organization.

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Kayak with us

On the water, by Daniel Hale

Trips are open to all Mountaineers who have graduated from any Mountaineers basic sea kayaking course or attained equivalency. Call the trip leader if there are any questions.


In addition to the Mountaineers Ten Essentials , the following 12 items are required on all trips. If you are taking the basic course, don't buy any gear yet. We'll explain the gear you need in our course.

  1. Flotation at both ends of the Kayak
  2. PFD (Personal Floatation Device) (USCG approved)
  3. Paddle
  4. Paddle tether
  5. Spray skirt
  6. Bilge pump with flotation
  7. Self-rescue paddle float
  8. Whistle or air horn
  9. 50 ft. floating tow rope
  10. Waterproof flashlight or chemical lightstick
  11. Repair Kit (duct tape)
  12. Waterproof bag for extra clothing.

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Sea Kayaking committee

The committee meets several times per year to plan the spring basic course, trips and pool sessions. If you would like to participate, please contact Michele Coady: .

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