Wilderness navigation, by Norm Buckley

What is Navigation?

Navigation is about planning routes and then finding the way during back country travel, using a map, compass, altimeter, GPS, terrain features and common sense.

Learn how

Our course offers instruction for planning routes and then finding the way.

Taking a bearing, by Norm Buckley

We teach how to use a map, compass, altimeter, GPS, terrain features and common sense during back country travel. The skills and best practices that we teach are important for reaching intended destinations and safely returning home. While designed to provide the pre-requisite training for climbing, scrambling and backcountry skiing, the course content is applicable to wilderness travel at all levels and all times of the year.

The Everett branch class sizes are relatively small, fun, supportive and have a high student-to-instructor ratio.

Associated courses

Graduation from the Navigation course is required for some courses of the Everett Mountaineers, for example, Alpine Scrambling, Climbing, Level 1 Avalanche and Backcountry Ski & Snowboard.

For other courses and activities (such as Snowshoeing, Nordic/Cross-country Ski, Hiking, Backpacking), navigation skills are highly useful and contribute to a safe trip and return.

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Classroom Instruction, by Norm Buckley

Everett's Basic Navigation Course is a single-day event that teaches how to use a topographic map, compass, and altimeter for backcountry navigation. The course also emphasizes advance preparation, terrain reckoning, and route finding as a team responsibility. It includes lectures, indoor exercises, and outdoor navigation instruction and hands-on practice.

While this course is primarily intended for students of courses where graduation from the Navigation course is required, it is open to anyone interested in improving their land-based navigation skills. This course may be taken as a stand-alone course. There are no prerequistes.

The course is offered twice each year. Sign up for one Everett course date at .

(Other branches of The Mountaineers also offer navigation courses.
Seattle occasionally offers "equivalancy" sessions for those with other training.
Contact for more information.)

Course location

Instructor helping, by Norm Buckley Camp Brinkley

Our course is normally held near Camp Brinkley, east of Everett. Instructions on how to navigate to the navigation course are on the sign up.

Navigation Committee

Volunteering to help with the navigation courses is a great way to keep your skills up-to-date, and give back to the mountaineering community. For more information contact the Navigation Committee.

Navigation course information:
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