Ruth/Icy traverse, by Pie (aka Jon Schwegler)

What is Climbing?

When we use ropes and other technical gear while going to summits, we call it "climbing". (For non-technical summits, see Alpine Scrambling. You do not need to take Scrambling before Climbing, but some do). Climbing involves varied technical terrain, including rock, glaciers and ice.

We have two levels of climbs: Basic and Intermediate.

Basic Climbing Course

Learn basic crevasse rescue. Abram Elwell

Our Basic course gives you all the technical skills you need to climb our Cascade volcanos like Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker, with a competent leader. You'll learn to use tools like an ice axe, crampons, snow pickets, and wands. And you'll be able to follow on rock climbs like The Tooth and Ingalls Peak. You'll be belaying your partner, rapelling down, and using tools like carabiners, belay device, and harness. We also include camping on snow.

For more information, see: Climbing Courses

Courses associated with the Basic Course

Wilderness First Aid
Lookout & Trail Maintenance

Intermediate Climbing Course

Intermediate: Ice Climbing

Our Intermediate course will forge you into a competent leader. You'll learn to what it's like on the "sharp end" of the rope. You will be setting pro, leading on rock and glacier, climbing ice, rescue techniques, and a lot more. It's a tough course that will change your climbing life, due to newfound confidence and skills.

The course is a series of modules which you can take separately:

For more information, see: Climbing Courses

Climb with us

Dorado Needle

Who can go

Students of our course who have passed classroom and field trip requirements can sign up. Graduates are welcome too. Also you can petition for climbing equivalency if you have training outside The Mountaineers.

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Everett Peak Pin

The Everett Mountaineers have had a peak award system for many decades. The Mountaineers Peak Pin set has the Everett group in their list.

Climbing committee

We welcome your help on our committee. Give back to your branch! The Climbing Committee meets irregularly approximately every two months at Snohomish PUD in Everett. For more information, contact

Service Award

The Ken Nelson Memorial Climbing Award honors an outstanding Climbing Committee leader each year.

Committee members

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